Avlemonas and Palaeopoli

Avlemonas and Palaeopoli2018-05-09T15:11:31+03:00

With its great history and unique beauty it creates unexpected senses to the visitors. The positive energy of the place is particularly perceptible and well known. Everyone can feel this energy and when visitors leave the place they take with them the gifts that this energy offers.

This is the reason that Avlemonas and Palaeopoli give visitors a yearning to come back again and again. Not just to spend some days on holiday but to experience something incomparable that cannot be described with words.

The soft vegetation, the extensive beaches with the crystal clear waters and the snow-white settlement of Avlemonas, one of the prettiest sea villages in the Mediterranean, will offer you unforgettable holidays.

At the picturesque taverns you will taste delicious traditional dishes cooked with the olive oil from the plain of Palaeopoli and you will also get a handful of sea salt from the rocks of the sea, fresh fish and local vegetables.

Later you will complete your evening at the bars of the village enjoying the wonderful music and the magnificent view.

Endless plunges into the strikingly blue waters, a coffee at the magnificent harbour of the village, a drink in the moonlight, fishing, diving, walking trails, chapels, all these will fill your time with new experiences.

Make your desires and your dreams come true with a trip.

The journey to Kythera. We await you…

The place-name Avlemonas

For the naming of Avlemonas there are two versions: According to the first it comes from αβλέμμωνα (the prefix a- expressing negation or absence) + βλέμμα (sight) “a place that cannot be reached by sight”, which explains the somehow hidden location of the village. According to the second version the place name is an alteration of the word “ευλίμενος, which means a good harbour.